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My name is Deena V , My Primary, Dr. H Sinclair sent me over to Dr. A because I was having sharp neck pain as well as back pain for probably a few months now. I came the first day they saw me they were very kind and that very next time I came he did a few adjustments and the pain was literally gone. I came back for like a week and a half now and I feel fantastic.

– Deena V.

My name is Julissa D. I came with the number 7 pain and now after one visit I feel like a number 1 pain and which is good after. The people here are very nice, very kind, it’s a very good quality of treatment and I referred my friend because of that. the people I referred I told them they were going to be happy here because the people are very nice, very kind.
thanks you.

– Julissa D.

Hello my name is Louis M. and I am in the office with Dr. Abramson, I came to get my treatment and I have been feeling better and I am very happy at this office. And I will refer this office to anybody.

– Louis M.

After the fourth visit I have seen the Difference and I love it.

– Dany Ben M.

A Nurse From Johnson Memorial

– Carmenza V.

My name is Lorna Smith i was referred by Dr. H Sinclair cause I was having severe back pain. i started seeing him on Monday May 5th and I was between a 9 and a 10. But today I was between a 1 and a 2. I am feeling much much better and I will really recommend anyone that is having pain to see Dr. Abramson.

– Lorna S.

I felt 7/10 level of pain and after my second visit i feel no pain and can go back to regular life activities, thank you so much Dr. Abramson.

– Kevin

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