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Massage Therapy is when manual manipulation is applied to soft body tissues. This is done to improve and enhanced a person’s health and overall well-being. This manipulation is applied to muscle, tendons and ligaments and connective tissue. There are so many different styles of massage therapy that a person can choose from and have applied to their soft tissue.

Equally, there are many various reasons why a person may need massage therapy. It ranges fromMassage Therapy Back to Mind

  • Reducing stress and some forms of anxiety
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Rehabilitate some types of injuries
  • A means to reduce pain
  • Promoting an overall sense of health and wellness


Despite the different styles of massages, there are two primary categories. These categories are:

  • Relaxation Massage: this is a gentle form of Swedish massage. It uses smooth, gliding techniques to promote relaxation in patients. A therapist who uses this method work more slowly and use light pressure. The focus is not on reducing pain but reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep.
  • Rehabilitative massage: it is often used to treat some forms of injuries. Treatment is based on your individual history and needs. Rehabilitative massage has helped many forms of injuries, chronic, acute and sub-acute conditions such as patients who suffered from burns, loss of limbs, and even stroke and it’s not limited to these types of conditions and ailments. Massage therapy also provides relief to some forms of injuries such as:
    • Back pain
    • Sprains
    • Strains
    • Tendinitis
    • Edema
    • Sciatica

To maximize the benefits of rehabilitative massage, Patients benefit more from regular visits and forming relationships with their therapist.

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